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Rain Botanicals

Rain Botanicals makes self-care products for sleep, recovery, beauty and healing using proprietary formulations that combine premium ingredients. These inputs include essential oils and terpenes (generated at Flow Scientific). Rain Botanicals’ product portfolio includes diffusers, room sprays, and other unique scent driven CPG goods. Rain Botanicals’ uses data analytics to substantiate its formulations. Available on Best Buy in Canada Winter 2023 and on Amazon in the United States in January of 2024.

Kinloch Wellness

Kinloch Wellness provides an informed approach to self-care, offering four unique product lines that contain no-to-low-THC and are formulated to produce beneficial effects. Kinloch's hemp-derived CBD formulas feature blends of rare cannabinoids and terpenes for a broad-spectrum experience in familiar formats. All formulations across each product type offer a cannabis experience tailored to the customer's specific needs.


To help new and experienced users alike, we designed the Effects Wheel, backed by consumer reported data and analytics from the experts at Strainprint®.

Flow Scientific

Since 2016, Flow Scientific has supplied all-natural, botanically-derived terpene formulations to leading Canadian cannabis and agri-food companies. Today, Flow is the largest domestic supplier of terpenes to the cannabis industry.

Our Brands.

Kinloch comprises three wholly-owned and vertically integrated subsidiaries, including Flow Scientific Inc. a terpene formulation company. Rain Botanicals, a health & wellness company that produces balanced self-care formulas augmented with full spectrum CBD, CBG, terpenes and other natural botanical and minerals. Evanesce Farms, dedicated to bringing low-THC inhalable products to consumers who are looking for an alternative to THC or Nicotine. 

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