The market for non-THC wellness products is on a path to explosive growth.

A focus on THC products has left the cannabinoid industry unprepared to serve the growing wellness sector. Kinloch's products answer the unmet market need for multi-compound, full-spectrum cannabinoid formulations that are low-THC and that use CBD in combination with rare cannabinoids, terpenes and other ingredients to deliver the specific benefits consumers seek. 

Addressing the Total CBD Market Opportunity. 

Kinloch has built three wholly-owned subsidiaries positioned to succeed with advanced formulations, terpenes and beyond. Through this platform we can address multiple high growth segments within the CBD, self-care and wellness space.

The Kinloch Advantage.

By bringing the right assets together, Kinloch is developing domestic and international distribution, wholesale, advanced formulations and finished products.

1. Advanced Formulations

Full-spectrum formulations that use CBD in combination with rare cannabinoids, terpenes and other ingredients.


White label and branded wholesale of non-THC health products that deliver specific benefits and effects.

3. Expert Team

An experienced leadership team that brings decades of relevant, proven expertise and insight to the business.

4. International Opportunity

International sales white-label and finished products, formulations and a broad suite of formats.

The non-THC
market has evolved.

The cannabinoid-based wellness industry has grown from simple biomass to sophisticated formulations. Kinloch Naturals is positioned to take full advantage of the Canadian CBD and non-THC sector opportunity while setting itself up for success in the international wellness market.

Invest with us and lead the non-THC story in Canada and internationally.


Kinloch comprises three wholly-owned and vertically integrated subsidiaries, including Flow Scientific Inc. a terpene formulation company, Rain is a health & wellness company that produces balanced self-care formulas augmented with full spectrum CBD, CBG, terpenes and other natural botanical and minerals. Evanesce Farms is dedicated to bringing high-purity CBD inhalable products to consumers who are looking for an alternative to THC or Nicotine. 

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